Andrew Mateljan

Irvine, CA, United States

Jun 27 at 06:34 AM

Hi Dev, yes! We have started to include that feature in all the new workouts and programs starting with our ball machine circuits which drop July 1st! Thank you for the feedback, and hope you are enjoying the workouts! 💪

Hi Juan Felipe Velasquez sorry for the delayed response. I would suggest you push yourself on the weight you are using  but are able to complete the workout and exercise durations. Listen to your body. 

Jun 13 at 08:18 AM

Hi Sergio Alencar, Our apologies. You should be able to access weeks 5 & 6 now! 

Replied on Swiss Ball Workouts

May 18 at 06:03 AM

Hi jörg wiegand, yes it is correct that we repeat the exercises directly afterwards in these workouts!


May 16 at 05:33 PM

Spencer Kiggins Thank You for the feedback and glad you are enjoying the workouts! we will add a sound to our upcoming workout releases and programs so its even easier to follow! 


May 14 at 06:45 AM

Hi Everett Teague yes it’s a 4lb med ball!

Apr 26 at 07:07 AM

Hi Mihai Badescu, apologies for the delay! Happy to hear your results have be going well! I would suggest a 3 days a week. Mon/Wed/Fri. If your feeling well I would add a Saturday and rest Sunday. Listen to your body. Consistency is key, you don't want to go super hard and then give up or quit after a couple of weeks. This is a lifestyle and if you're able to stay consistent you will see the results. The Series with Karue is really just whenever we're able to film the workout. Sometimes we're  not able to film but the ones on the app are the workouts we are able to film! Hope this helps!

Thank You Rob, Yes we are working on adding more mental training videos! Hope your well!

Apr 26 at 07:00 AM

Thank You Emily Dawson

Apr 26 at 06:59 AM

That's amazing to hear Bernardo Perez Villa! Congratulations!